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Meet The Conks

The Family That Biked From Quebec To Central America

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Finding Your Passion

How To Impregnate Your Life With Purpose And Meaning

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How Live High Began, Me And The Vision For This Project

My Story

Nothing makes me feel more alive than the idea of traveling the world and telling stories.

But what’s even better than just thinking about it, is actually doing it.

I love sharing stories, but sometimes my passion for storytelling falls defeated to the likes of procrastination, laziness and a lack of action. I’ve created Live High as a way to inspire myself to stay motivated to do the things that I love.

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Live High began as just a group of friends and a t-shirt, but it has evolved to embody a much deeper meaning in my life.

Over the last several years, I have spent most of my time traveling in search of meaning and truth. The lessons I’ve learned along the way all seem to point in the same direction. One of the main themes that continues to surface is about finding the courage to follow your passion.

To me, Live High is about living from your heart. It’s about doing what you love. It's the peaceful bliss that comes from learning to be completely present in this moment.

Nothing inspires or influences me more than stories.

I would like for this site to be a platform for myself and other storytellers to share our creativity and to inspire one another.

I travel, interview people and capture life as it unfolds as well as nature’s beauty along the way. I look to tell stories of love and hope and strive to create videos and writing with the feel-good vibe that Live High represents.

I certainly do not have all the answers, and am humbled by life and its many mysteries. But I do believe we are powerful beings with great potential. I believe that when we work together and inspire one another to live from our hearts, we can create magic.

This is a project that is continually evolving. I have no real expectations other than to have fun with this, while opening up a space to share inspiration. My intention is to spread compassion and love.

Many thanks for your support.

Live High,

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